Alexandria Audio Approach

Alexandria Audio Approach

Clear concept for every models that we produce and present to the market.
We design and make every loudspeakers for every size and class to the absolute best of our ability.

We believe that every high performance speakers needs a solid foundation of engineering.
Every speakers that we produce started from specific goals that we set, that includes optimum box size and port configuration to give natural and excellent bass transient response, baffle shape to minimized diffraction. Drivers selections for its excellent measurable and unmeasurable properties.
However, there are so much more to music that can be reproduced by a loudspeaker than what we can measure.

Art of Sound
Beyond just another 'mainstream' measurement of typical 'synthetic-linear-response hifi-sound', we take fine tuning of details very seriously....through many many many ETR... (Evaluation, Tuning and Recheck).
We put highest priority for reproduction the 'original musical aspect' out of the sound....with true musical fundamental that includes accurate keytone & pitch, engaging pace, tuneful melody, proper Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and harmonious timing (among multiple tones from instruments).
At the end we are building loudspeakers for real music lovers who wants their system to sound fantastic and enhanced their listening experience to be soulful, musical and extra ordinary.

Achieving “that” Musical Goals
Progress, is what happened to us in general for music lovers that listens to a great hifi system over years. We confess that it takes time and countless builds, trials, errors and wasted effort to achieved the highest musical appreciation, experience and enjoyment through sound reproduction from loudspeakers. We are proud to say that we are there, however we understand that there’s always improvements, hence we will never stop to improve and we will never stop creating it for you.