I150 Integrated Amplifier (Buchardt Family)


150 / 300 watt  8/4 ohm of Hypex NCore® Technology

NCore® is the first Class-D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality. If you want the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, there is no longer a reason to trade efficiency or compactness.  NCore® technology combines the stability of UcD with improved load-independence, lower distortion and lower output impedance.

Analog volume control

Our volume control is done in analog domain. Purposes are several, but most importantly, it means no reduction of dynamic range out of digital domain – and on top of that, the analog volume control circuit is the ideal match with NCore® class D amplifiers, due to its ability to give the analog touch into the NCore® output stage. This leaves us with the best from both worlds. The power and control from the NCore® stage, and the wonderful sound from our ES9028PRO DAC into the analog volume circuit….to us this is the perfect match.. tuned to perfection by our engineering team.

Split power supply design – digital art with an analog heart

The power supply design of the I150 is a history of its own. All signal circuits in the super-sensitive analog domain are supplied from a massive regulated toroid linear transformer. This means no noise or switching is introduced to any analog signals – including our DAC circuit. Result is a background blacker than black, unlike any design we ever heard. Completely separated from the analog section is the digital circuitry. It has a supply of its own, and every single bit is carried with an artistic precision through the signal path up until the very end, when it meets our state-of-the-art Sabre DAC from ESS. The ES9028PRO.

The mighty ES9028PRO DAC

We take signal processing quite seriously at Buchardt Audio. This means we treat signals with respect and only interfere with the original signal if we see a reason to do so. Therefore it our honor to be able to take these carefully treated digital signals and convert them into analog domain, using only the best of the best chipsets available. Our choice was the ES9028PRO DAC. This chipset simply delivers the most outstanding conversion we have yet experienced – to a degree that we can say we are actually proud to be featuring this in our product.

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD and ACC.

The I150 is a unique piece of audio equipment. It features the best in digital and analog design. Our choice was to let this remain a jewel for what it does best. Therefore we decided NOT to include a lot of advanced streaming into this device, as it would remove focus from what this unit does best. However, to enable our APP-based user-interface, we decided to add a little bit of extra to this, by adding a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, with aptX and aptX-HD enabled, along with native AAC codec. This enables wireless streaming to the I150 via the best available Bluetooth standards. The aptX is already quite good, but the aptX-HD just add’s more detail. It is as close you will get to lossless streaming.

Amplifier: Hypex NCore® 2 x 150 Watt 8 ohm / 2 x 300 Watt 4 ohm

DSP: Quad Core processor

DAC chip: ES9028PRO

Analog Inputs: 1 x (RCA)

Digital Inputs: 1 x coaxial, 2 x optical, 1 x USB

Analog variable Pre-outs: 1 x (RCA) 2 x Sub out (RCA)

Streaming option: Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD and AAC.

Distortion: 0.0015% <10Hz-20kHz AES17

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 121dB <10Hz-20kHz AES17

Measurements (h x w x d):  80 x 370 x 310 mm (3.2” x 14.5” x 12”)

Input voltage: 100-240 Volts AC auto adjusting (EU & US power cords incl.)

Weight:  10 kg

Warranty: 2 years