Reference Series Tube Input Amplifier
Tuneful Music Reproduction Concept
Legatus main objective is the music reproduction in the most engaging way possible
because we believe there is no compromise when it comes to Musicality.
After the circuit design of Legatus had been started, it took two years’ research and
development to perfect its circuitry and another year to make it possible to
If you are looking an Amplifier that gives you the musical reproduction of tubes with
high power that can drive any speakers then the Legatus is for you.

Principles of LEGATUS

  • Exhibiting best traits of tubes and solid state.
  • Musically “Right”
  • Neutral – Balanced
  • Natural - Instruments Sound as it should be
  • Combining efficiency and true dynamic power123!@#Deitu
  • Creating sense of space like no other amplifier alike.
Technical Detail
Efficient Output Stage

Based on NcX500, latest technology from one of the best amplifier modules maker in
the world Hypex, it is the further improvement for the ever so popular NCORE. Class
D was never the same after it was introduced, further NCOREx has done it again to
redefine what would mainstream audio enthusiast calls as musical amplifiers with
ultra low distortion of -130dB. NcX’s efficiency allows minimum heat and dissipate
very fast, the music sounds Rock Solid. The lowest bass appears as clean notes
instead of indistinct punches.

Tube Front End Input

While NCOREx is great on it’s own, we feel that it can be further enhanced with tube
based buffer, we successfully blend the efficient, neutral and ultra low -130dB
distortion of NcX with 5687 tubes for it’s transparency, harmonics, euphonic and
beautiful sounding voices and instruments.

Zero Feedback Option

Conventional designs use feedback to compare the output signal to the input signal,
Like a snake biting its tail, to cancel out the errors that have crept in during the
amplification process, a compensation signal is applied at the input. This however,
introduces time-domain errors and other artifacts. In contrast, Zero feedback
circuitry delivers completely natural performance. Legatus exclusive zero-feedback
option, are designed for intrinsically pure linearity, delivering performance that is
coherent and natural. Note: There is a DIP feedback switch that can be turned off.

Mono Block Design

Legatus comes in a pair of monoblock amplifiers. When it comes to signal crosstalk,
The more isolated they are from one another, the better it is. By placing each
channel in a separate chasis, there is complete separation of both signal and signal
ground. Not to mention that the power supplies can run more silently and

Independent Power Supply

There are two independent power supply Circuits in each Legatus Monoblock unit
amplifier, one is for the Tube Front End Input Stage, the other is for the Output
Stage. Furthermore, Individual fine tuning is possible. When the two power supplies
feed only one stage, further fine tuning of each stage can be made. This elevates
performance to the next level.

High Precision Parts

When every parts is selected into extreme tolerances and used properly, these
components have a far greater potential than the standard ones used by most HiFi
companies. We have pushed the limits of what we consider high precision further
than other’s ever done in an amplifier before. All the capacitors and resistors on the main board have been purchased in quantities of many thousands, individually pre-
measured and selected into groups with an accuracy of between 0.1 and 0.001%, This makes each mono of Legatus Amplifier perform at its optimal peak.

Extreme R&D to the max

After we hand picked and selected parts with extreme low tolerance, finally each
capacitor and resistor and all of their interactive combinations have been evaluated
by ear, with music, on the Legatus circuit board, until we found the most musical
combination. We take extreme R&D to create one of the best amplifier in the market,
while the process was tedious and borderline pedantic, we feel that it was worth it
and our customers should get the best of what we can bring to the market.
This procedure alone took more than two year to complete.

Steel Enclosure

As part of our researched, we chose to use compartmentalized high grade steel
chassis combined with special grade aluminum faceplate to control it’s own
resonance, electrical behavior and the final sound presentation of Legatus.

Fine Tuning

Legatus demands a lengthy fine tuning as it is our first amplifier. We put our main
goal for it to simply let the music flow effortlessly. As usual, error and mistakes were
made, some parts that were quite popular and the go to for most did not find it’s
place in Legatus. Instead we had to rework and check our notes to find the right
parts for it. Each and every Legatus is individually fine-tuned and evaluated with
music. Only when it performs as well as our reference it is packed and shipped to
the customer. Legatus has repeatedly been described as a product that makes it
more fun to listen to music, therefore, satisfy any demanding audiophiles/music
lovers out there. We can think of no higher praise than that.


We have built an acoustic controlled Listening Rooms to test our products, where
the average RT60 at 250msec. This is very useful and resourceful for us to calibrate
our tuning further so that whenever our products enters client’s home, they will get
the performance too.

Story of Origin

We used to believe that one of the ways to get best musical performance from
playback system is through a high sensitivity speakers and low watt amplification.
Some of our products consists of those higher end of sensitivity speakers.
With Legatus, we finally broke that barrier, where lower sensitivity speakers
welcome the power of Legatus and able to perform as if partnered with our higher
sensitivity speakers.
The Sound of Legatus
Legatus music reproduction in the most engaging way possible by preserving all the
musical information, everything from being tuneful, musical contrast, rawness of the
music, perfect timing and all harmonics as recorded.

Legatus ability to render such vast sense of space and between instruments is way
ahead in it’s class. We believe the “feel” we get while listening is due to a competent
and accurate spatial projection.

It’s peak power is 700w, while most people wouldn’t need it, sometimes it can make
a critical difference when the speaker permits. Therefore, plenty of power just to
drive any High End Speakers you want.

Legatus can drive almost any loudspeaker, but not just loud level. Its power rating
may appear high, but it also plays music with impressive authority and power.

While Low distortion is not our main goals, it is mandatory for any competent high
end audio system. We want you to immediately connect to the sound of instruments,
ambient and the playfulness of the artist in front of you effortlessly, without further
thoughts and to just let it flow in your room.

In Legatus, we strike a balance of an old and new, slow and fast, hard an soft to
present the music holistically.

If you are looking an Amplifier that gives you the musical reproduction of tubes with
high power that can drive any speakers then the Legatus is for you.
Output power
380/700 8/4 Ohms
Frequency response
20Hz - 75KHz
Signal To Noise Ratio
Input impedance
100K Ohms
W 480 x H 168 x D 390mm (Monoblock)
23.00 kg
7,500 US$
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