Kenkraft Labs's The Zeus Grand Reference Cable is the "Conclusion" of more than 20 years R & D, in the on-going journey researching for the ultimate perfect cable. Initially, Kenkraft Labs Wire was designed and tested in California, USA since 1997 using ultra wide bandwidth super conductors developed from unique materials originally engineered for the aerospace industry. With our latest advanced cable design, Air Core Teflon combined with aerospace's super conductor material and Kenkraft Labs's proprietary copper treatment using 24K Gold, Kenkraft has attained the most accurate and musical cable, The Zeus. This will allow your high end systems to disappear, leaving you with every aspect of a live music performance to appear in their place, — live music nuances, natural real human voice, control of the pace, the dynamic of the music and rhythm and also the precision in timing and space between the notes and its harmony, —The Zeus cables are unmatched. Hearing is believing, These kind of musical performance must be heard to be believed. The Zeus will take your high end sound systems to new paradigm and allow listeners to finally enjoy the unattainable bliss of musical experience that everyone had been longing for. The Zeus doesn't just meet the standard of super high end cables, but it blows the standards away by setting a new bar.