After many years of hard work, room treatments, and upgrades, you finally have perfect match of components and are finally able experience true musical performance—Wait!! do not let that go. When it comes last few inches, can totally bring a nightmare to your overall sound system. The Zeus Bi-Wire Jumper Cables are a must have solutions, especially who have already invested in The Zeus Speaker Wires.

The Zeus Speaker Bi-Wire’s Unique Design
Aerospace Super Conductor of Perfect Surface Silver 12 Litz
6 Group Round Triple Braid
Center Conductive Damping Core
Ultra Low Dielectric Military Grade Conductor Insulation using Porous Cellular PTFE.
MGD Technology (Matched Group Delay)
24K Gold Plated Pure Copper Spiral Injection
SULS (Spatial Ultra Layering Stage) technology on our special “In-house” Spade terminal, made with a five types of alloy.
Military Grade Cable Jacket Housing for ultra durability and flexibility.

By usingThe Zeus's Bi-Wire Jumper Cables into your high end system, you can be rest assured that you will have a consistent sonic signature at the end of your high end system.