The exact precision is very critical to produce a truly jitters-less digital cable. With that being said, a precise transmission standards should be met, moreover, they should be exceeded. Using our most advanced, proprietary technology and ultra low loss aerospace super conductors, Kenkraft Labs can achive that.

The Zeus Digital Interconnect Cables make sure the impedance is matched for both S/PDIF and AES/EBU connections. The Zeus True 75 Ohm Digital Interconnect Cable consists of a single, co-axial, aerospace silver plated super conductor, solid core conductor. The Zeus balanced 110 Ohm digital cable is constructed with two aerospace silver plated super conductor, solid core conductor placed in a twin-axial design.

The Zeus Digital Interconnect offering superior ultra low dielectric performance, no reflection, non-jitters and mechanical damping. The Zeus Digital Interconnects are terminated with BNC, RCA and AES/EBU connectors.