Prince Series Detailed Description

Alexandria Audio

It was formed by Henry Kristanto and Kenneth Lin with a view to offer the ultimate solution for high performance loudspeakers that can meet the utmost demand for any music listener/audiophile. It combined a unique opportunity of loudspeakers engineering and extreme sound tuning by using specifics materials and technique harnessed by long and hard research and development of more than 20years.


The Mini 2way Speakers:
The Centurion Series

The Monitor is a 2 Way speakers consists of 1 x 220mm using proprietary carbon/paper woofer and 1 x 28mm dome tweeter in short waveguide built with a main goal to provide a realistic musical performance at home in a compact size. The goal is simple but it will required few specific parameters to achieve including but not limited to:

1. Small box size for an 8” woofer
2. Controlled directivity
3. Low distortion
4. Sensitivity above 90dB
5. Easy on any type of amplifiers including SET.
6. A linear frequency response and optimum power response.s.M

Chapter 1 – The Woofer 

The concept is to have an 8” woofer with high sensitivity, able to work up to 3khz, goes down low to 35hz and…. works in 28L box.

Brief Specifications:

• Extended Copper Cap for very low distortion
• NOMEX spider for excellent linearity and durability
• Low damping surround for best transient
• Optimized Stiff Paper Cone with 7 cuts to minimized breakup
• CCAW voice coil to reduced moving mass
• Very low voice coil inductance (0.28mH) for midrange purity
• High Power motor

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Woofer Frequency Response Impedance
Raw response of the 8” Midwoofer in IEC Baffle

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Woofer Distortion
Distortion Profile

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Woofer Klippel
Klippel Test

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Woofer Inductance Character
Inductance Character

CHAPTER 2 – The Tweeter

We have tested more tweeters than we can remember, the task was to find a dome tweeter that satisfy our requirements as below:

• Linear response to 20khz
• High power motor to complement the excellent 8” midwoofer
• Excellent controlled directivity
• Excellent transient with low distortion down to 2khz
• High sensitivity

The winner is a 94dB 28mm dome tweeter with Neodymium motor on short waveguide to satisfy all of that requirements and more from Italy.

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Tweeter



We utilized parallel assymetric crossover for the Monitor, it produces excellent power response and state of the art crossover engineering to give very linear electrical impedance and phase response.

Alexandria Audio Monitor Series Cross Over


CHAPTER 4 – The Box

We believe that simple box with high quality materials and smart execution will produce an
excellent enclosure for speakers.

We choose Birch Plywood as our materials as its just better sounding enclosure than MDF
(typical speakers enclosure), coupled with strategized bracings scheme and we shall have an
excellent sounding enclosure.


Design : Two Way Bass Reflex
Drive Units : 120mm Carbon/Paper Cone Midwoofer
25mm Dome Tweeter with Neodymium Motor
Frequency Range : 55hz-20khz
Sensitivity : 87dB
Maximum Output : 102dB
Nominal Impedance : 8ohm
Dimensions : W 180 x H 330 x D 250mm