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Purva is a music streaming digital transport powered by Tube Rectifier Linear
Power Supply. It is engineered, built and fine-tuned in Indonesia. Our design
philosophy is bringing out all the musical information thus getting you connected to
the emotion of music.

Purva extremely bring new horizon into your taste in music, more insights to some
of your old songs in one easy power button to start. It supports many audio
streaming services like Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal,
Amazon Music, etc.

Get the best streaming experince in your HiFi system by using Purva as your main
digital source/transport. Control Point required to use Purva would be any of an
iOS, iPadOS or macOS device. Purva is an Ancient Javanese Word derived from
Sanskrit that means “The Source” or “East (Origin)”.
Power Path
Electrical Supply is the main foundation of Purva Streamer. We take it to the
extremely level, engineered for maximum musicality. The core of Purva Power
Supply is using Tube Rectified Linear Power Supply with multiple stage of

Airplay Network Protocol
Purva is a music server that communicates to control point using multicast DNS
service protocol, RTP/RTSP Protocol that we fine-tuned for maximum musicality.

1. mDNS query from client --> <--- mDNS response from server
2. RTSP (TCP at port 5000 protocol) connection between Client <--> The Purva
Server. (Similar to http) - Options to authentic (32bit encrytiom) - announcement
(approval) - setup (establish connection) - record (streaming connection)
3. RTP (UDP) - Client send encrypted Raw Audio packets using port 6000 - Client
send control packets and server send feedback using port 6001 (metadata, etc) -
NTP timing packet(syncing) client <-->server using port 6002
4. The Purva Server, decode and play the music data and send it through i2s/usb
STREAMER PURVA purva tbe powered streamer alexandria audio3
STREAMER PURVA purva tbe powered streamer alexandria audio2
How Does Purva Sound?
The main purpose of Purva Streamer is to bring out all the musical information, as
we describe as the Musical Expression desired by the artist/musician, thus getting
you closer connected to the emotion of music, with a touch of the “Tube Analog”

We strongly suggest you to compare it with any other digital streamer out there
regardless the price points. If Musical Expression is important to you, we’re
confident you will be surprised, satisfied and happy.
Dimensions (WxHxD)
450x300x180 mm
Mains input voltage
115 or 230 VAC
Tube Rectifiers:
Mains fuses Slow Blow
Power consumption
52 W
20.00 kg
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